Our Process

Our process for picking items for our shop is highly curated as we spend most of our time trying to find items that meet a few specific criteria. Every single item we pick should:

1) be a calming color that can easily be found in nature. (this is why you won't see leopard print in our shop--I mean how many times have you seen a leopard or cheetah in your life? once or twice? :) not easily found in nature).

2) have subtle touches of texture and detail to elevate the piece.


How the Shop works

We also really, really want you to feel like we are here to serve you in the best possible way. We highly curate and pick 35-40 pieces for every monthly collection. We then:

1) Send out a preview email 2 days before the collection goes live. We do this to give you time to thoughtfully assess each piece and your own wardrobe. PS that preview email really is the best way to stay in the loop about our monthly collections, which you can sign up for here.

2) two days after we send that preview email, our shop goes 'live' with that month's collection. Because we curate each month's items so specifically there usually is a limited amount of each item, and most of the month's collection sells out within a few hours.

3) Outside of the monthly collection, we do also have our 'best sellers' which are a very small limited amount of pieces we try to keep on hand that seem to be our most picked and favorited items. You can shop those here.