Hi friends! We're so glad you're here! We're the Markoyas (that's us below!). We love creating together as a family.

We designed Neuflora a few years ago in response to a frustration we were experiencing in Jess’ wardrobe.

New clothes and trends would make their way into our home and nothing fit together. Basically…Plenty of clothes but nothing to wear. It was frustrating and expensive and we really needed to slow down.

We took note of what pieces she wore most often - clothes with a calm color palette you’d easily find in nature, and they were full of unique details and texture.

This little shop began to form in our minds and we wondered if one or two other women felt the same way and boom! Neuflora was born. A cohesive and beautiful wardrobe that builds on itself month by month.

We hope that through this little shop, we can help you avoid the constant rotation and slowly build a calm wardrobe that you absolutely love and won’t grow tired of.


And hi! We are the Bethkes. That's us below too! And as you can probably tell, we have no fun at all. Ever. And our kids are very boring and calm :)

We've been friends with Jess and Joey for years and have always LOVED the Neuflora promise and concept. We are big believers in encouraging folks to slow down and resist the culture's pace and temptation for consumption and churn. And we think Neuflora is such a beautiful way to do that with a wardrobe.

And that is why when Jess and Joey came to us late last year about possibly coming on board to help with a few things and becoming partners we we were thrilled and said yes!

So, we just want to say we are glad you are here and both our families are thankful for you for choosing this little two family shop to get your wardrobe from. Your trust in us means the world and we are grateful!