Linen Pinafore Aprons

-Beautiful pinafore apron. A vintage and lovely style with its cross back fold so you won’t have to worry about keeping your clothes neat and clean.

-Comfortable design: no straps or ties, just put it on and you are ready!
-Front pockets let you store things you want to have at hand.
-Prewashed for extra softness
-Preshrunk so it doesn't shrink anymore
-100% washed European linen
-OEKO-TEX certified fabric (no harmful chemicals used in production)
-34” length / 39” width
-Machine washable, tumble dry on low heat; wash separately or with similar colors. Wrinkling is part of linen's charm – the wrinklier the fabric, the purer it is. We do not recommend ironing your linens but if you must, do it on low heat when the garment is still a little damp.
-Made in Lithuania

*While we love to take care of you and offer free 14 day RETURN shipping for our US orders, please be mindful that we are a very small family run shop and this is a cost to our business. Please make your selections carefully with home goods as these tend to be more of an expense to ship back and forth. 



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