We are so glad you're here!

We like to imagine you visiting our site similar to coming in our small tailor shop on main street with a bell above the door, and because of that we want to say hello! and welcome in... 

We are a small, two family run shop looking to help you with that closet overwhelm. We’ve been there! Too many clothes but nothing to wear. We take that pressure off by rhythmically laying out a monthly collection full of calm and beautiful pieces that easily mix together.

We can’t wait to take care of you! Let’s breathe, be selective, and slowly build a wardrobe that you absolutely love and will want to hold on to. 

The Neuflora Way

We believe your closet doesn't need to overwhelm you. A calm and cohesive wardrobe is possible.

Each piece from every monthly collection builds into the Neuflora Wardrobe

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